The Town of Lake Park is interested in developing various mixed-use sub districts within the already established and soon-to-be re-established mixed-use land use designation along the east and west sides of the Federal Highway corridor in the Town of Lake Park.  The corridor extends from Silver Beach Road (to the south), Palmetto Drive (to the north), 2nd Street (to the west) and Lake Shore Drive (to the east).
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The Town is considering options for a mixed use corridor along US-1

Purpose and Intent:

What is a Mixed Use District?

Key terms and definitions
Study Area Strengths/ Assets

Public Involvement Process

The Lake Park Town Commission, Lake Park Planning & Zoning Board and staff are committed to involving our residents, businesses, civic leaders, and other stakeholders in the establishment of the Federal Highway Mixed Use District, as it has been doing over the last few years. This is our last 12-month attempt to finalize the vision so that it can be incorporated. Working together through a series of public meetings and workshops, we hope to build a consensus for a shared vision.

Public Involvement: Stakeholder Interviews and Public Meetings – RMA and staff have initiated the creation and implementation of a public involvement process to present planning concepts, obtain community input and record multiple points of input to articulate the community’s vision. In the first part of the public involvement process, individual stakeholder meetings will be held with key business and property owners, neighborhood representatives, Town Commissioners and Planning and Zoning Board Members. Additionally, public meetings will be held either at Town Hall or accessible locations to the project area where the public will be invited to discuss ideas and learn about the project as it evolves.

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Opportunities for Input

What is the role of the public in the development of a mixed use district?

  • Key input on the needs and desires of the community
  • Site specific strengths/weaknesses/opportunities
  • Inside information of Town culture and history

Project Steps

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  1. Existing Conditions, Data, and Parcel Analysis
  2. Public Involvement: Stakeholder Interviews and Public Meetings
  3. Draft Comprehensive Plan Amendments (setting the policies for redevelopment)
  4. Draft Zoning Amendments (setting the land development regulations for redevelopment)
  5. Public Involvement: Public Meeting
  6. Public Hearings
  7. Marketing Event to promote the adopted regulations for the corridor redevelopment

Why should I invest in Lake Park (for developers)?

  • Proposed land development regulations that will match market conditions and enhance the feasibility of private development in the area
  • Strong market potential for commercial and residential uses with real estate value and opportunity
  • Ability to create a mixed use environment that is livable, walkable, and enhances quality of life
  • Existing waterfront location with Marina and boat launch facilities
  • Large waterfront public park
  • The corridor is anchored by a unique and historic downtown
  • Federal Highway improvements are a planning priority of the Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Located on a major north-south commercial corridor (US 1) east of I-95
  • Great open and public spaces such as Kelsey Park, Lake Park Harbor Marina and downtown for current and future residents
  • Supportive Town leadership with a desire for mixed use redevelopment

Why should I participate in the process?

  • Affect things you do every day
  • You see the potential to redevelop Lake Park’s waterfront and want to contribute, ensuring a compatible, community-type plan is developed.
  • You know what “works in Lake Park”

How can I get Involved?